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This site is the ministry of Keith and Elizabeth Allen. Situated in North Ringwood in Melbourne Australia, we began our web ministry in 1998 as Isaiah 61 Ministries. Our plan was to join with Jesus, with the Spirit of the Lord on us, to set captives free from religion and powerlessness by lifting up the person of Jesus so that all may be drawn into His fullness.

We have chosen to partner with Jesus in to reveal the glory of the Son of God and to encourage Believers to live in
The Spirit of Sonship that belongs to the sons and daughters of God who live in the Spirit and are led by the Spirit of Christ.

We have an inheritance in the new and living way who is alive and the antidote to the old and dead way of Adam and Moses and the striving of self-effort.

Our purpose is to reveal the way and the life who is Jesus; to encourage Believers to know our Father and Jesus Christ whom He has sent. To certify Believers in the inheritance that is theirs so that all may live as sons rather than as slaves and workers.

We promote not just any gospel, but the
gospel of the Kingdom and its king with authority and power to multiply in every way what Jesus began. Jesus returned to heaven to multiply Himself by returning to earth in the Spirit to be multiplied in His people and replenish the death. This is the new and living way, the way that is life and the new creation in spirit and in truth.

Keith and Elizabeth Allen
53 Goldsmith Avenue, North Ringwood,
Victoria, 3134.

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