Christ Your life


Jesus is the living way because He is a person. He is the resurrection. He is the Son of Man and Son of God. He created all things and all of them exist for Him. He is the logos, which means all things find their being, their purpose and proper functioning in Him. He lives in us. His Spirit is incarnated in us and because of Him and through Him we are positioned in Father’s arms and His heart.

Jesus is totally our life. Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’ Paul spoke of Christ our life. All of which is to say that we are alive in the person of Christ but carry the smell of death when in anything less than His person. To live in the wealth of our inheritance we need to live in the gift who is ours that is Christ in us.

Christ has come in our flesh. We are the expression of His life as we play tennis, catch waves on our body board and chop wood for the fire. Conversely Jesus is the expression of our being. His life is ours, His performance is our performance and His obedience our obedience. But there’s more. Since we are in Him and He and His Father are one, we and our Father are one. We are ourselves and we are home.

The characteristic of the Kingdom is that we reign. This means we are life-givers, we have authority over circumstance and the works of the Enemy. Yet this happens because we are part of His life, an extension of our Father as sons and situated in Him to be who He made us to be. Thus in the micro and the macro of life our story is part of the drama of the ages and the fabric of the new creation. This is so when we are alive in the new covenant and not stymied in the old regime of dichotomies, fragmentation and limitation. Let me explain. In
Trinitarian Conversations we find,

‘We come to church hoping to get a little help so we can continue to manage God on our own terms and be comforted in the life we've chosen for ourselves. A lot of mainstream America wants to view God as the one who's supposed to help me live out the life I've dreamed for myself.’

The point these authors make is that Christ is our life – not a means to the living of my life or a footnote to the life I have chosen. He is my life and my life as a daughter or a son is the expression of the Son of Man.

In the old testament you gave a tenth of your income, a seventh of your time and a piece of your body. It was an age of limitation. Today we live in the age of the Spirit without limit. The life of the new testament is not compartmentalised in the way it was in Adam with the fragments and sectors of the knowledge of good and evil. Now we are complete in Christ, placed in The One New Man and reconnected, body soul and spirit into the Holy Family of Heaven. Now we do not have bits. He is ours and we are His. We have a life. That life is Christ which means we live, move and have our being in God.

‘There's a sense in which coming to hear of the all-embracing grace of Jesus un-validates the list that I've stacked up to say, "Look, I'm a good person, I live the good life, I got educated, I travel, my house is looking prettier. You should value me." And
the gospel says, "None of that matters." Not only does your sin not keep you from God, but your righteousness also doesn't count before God. It's all in
Trinitarian Conversations.

Because Christ is our life we are in God and He in us. No need to look for security in conspiracy theories. In the midst of chaos we can live in wholeness. We can impart meaning where there is vanity and the law of the spirit of life where there is disease, loss and the approach of death. In Adam we were dead. In Christ we are alive and are the harbingers of meaning, healing and life to the full.
We are hope itself because we are the resurrection of Christ come in the flesh.

Christ is our life. In the new covenant we live in the whole and not in the parts of the rite, the law or the institution. We are not holy because we are in church. We are whole because we are alive. Alive in His life.

This is why we plant Jesus rather than churches and we live in the gospel of the kingdom rather than the gospel of the gospel or the propagation of institutions. This Jesus is our life. He is in us and flows through us. The result is that we impart life to people and the work of our hands is anointed with His spirit and life.