Christ Your life


To believe and follow Jesus is to follow the Christ of God, to be tutored by Jesus through His Spirit and to embrace accurately and correctly all that He is and that has been accomplished for us in Jesus on behalf of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

We are not at liberty to have Jesus and append our own gospel. There is one gospel of the Kingdom lived by Jesus and revealed mainly by Paul and John. No other gospel will evoke the Kingdom or express it. This is why those who live out the new covenant inheritance that is theirs are quite different people to those who have not embraced their inheritance in full.

T F Torrence writes,

‘Perhaps the most fundamental truth which we have to learn in the Christian Church, or rather relearn since we have suppressed it, is that the incarnation was the coming of God to save us in the heart of our fallen and depraved humanity .... That is to say, the Incarnation is to be understood as the coming of God to take upon himself our fallen human nature, our actual human existence laden with sin and guilt, our humanity diseased in mind and soul in its estrangement or alienation from the Creator.’

Jesus came into the world as the son of God. Incarnation. He has come into us by right and by Holy Spirit who fills us with the Spirit of Sonship: Incarnation. The beauty of the incarnation is that the life of God is ours and our life is established in God since the Son of Man is a member of the God-head whom John saw in great glory as the alpha and omega.

It is a poor man’s gospel to harangue people with Bible scriptures under the assumption that they should try harder to put them into practice. The new testament is not a moral agenda or a behavior modification manual. It is the testimony of the Christ, His finished work and the meaning and application of His accomplishments for us. ‘Doing good with Christ’s help leaves us under the tree of knowledge with its stinking fruit. ‘Keeping close to Jesus’ blinds us to the fact that Jesus is in us and with us. The facts is, Jesus is the guarantee of us in His presence and His presence in us. There is no link in the chain of life and being that is left to our fitful and feeble strength. Christ is our life and is totally efficacious for our continuous advance into the fellowship of the Holy Family.