Christ Your life


Out of you will flow rivers of life. Particularly is this so when you are in the river of life. This occurs when Christ is our life and we are in the flow of Father’s purposes and plans. An embarrassing and sad situation arises when we release rivers of sand and we are not aware of it. It’s even more disappointing when this is a pattern.

It’s not difficult to do. Release rivers of life. It requires no avid piety or rigorous discipline. Just belief in what God has done and ensuring that you live in that plan and provision rather than something religious of your own. I’m referring to the state of affairs of living in the old covenant when Father has given us a new arrangement in His son that is His Son from first to last.

Jesus only did what His Father was doing. There were no chance meetings. Nothing was out of sync with what Father meant for Jesus to be doing in the season and in the moment. There was no filling a spot in time and space with a bit of religion. No departure from a conference with a sense of misplaced satisfaction because we had some religious exercises. No ‘any amount of god-talk will do.’ Christ in you is spirit and life and more. It is His Spirit and His life specifically for that moment and those people. This is not the same as a generic Bible study or a random selection based on the life of a patriarch. Spirit and truth is God’s now message for His now people. It is the life of our Father manifest through sons for the advancement of His daughters and sons.

The anointing does not change a position in the letter to something it is not. The work of the Holy Spirit is to lead us into the fullness of Christ; to extract us from lesser version of Christ and position us in the fullness of who Jesus is. There will be little anointing on a work of the letter. There’s nowhere for it to take root. The anointing takes hold when Christ is our life – never when the law or some extraneous identity is our life.

The new and living way is Christ from first to last. It is the Spirit of Christ manifesting through us.

We cannot multiply the Spirit without limit if we remain tied to the law and the old creation. We are separated from God – not in union with Him. We are tied to the letter which extinguishes the Spirit. Rooted in law we tend naturally to abstractions and information and in doing so quench the witness of the Spirit. There is an alpha and omega to Christ our life that is always on target, always the God’s purpose for that moment and always filled with the spirit and life that advances God’s people along the path of infinite life He has planned for the development of sons. Don’t settle for a witness of something and nothing or the many illusions that spread death even in the attempt at delivering life.