Christ Your life


To walk with God is walk in liberty and righteousness – without effort. There’s no contract. No bargain. Just the Spirit of God manifesting in you and as you. This is real sonship in the Spirit.
The New Testament is about what God has done for mankind and it's upon man to discover what has been done for him and walk in it. The language of the old is do, do, do, the language of the new is DONE. It's not about us keeping our part of the bargain, one man did it all and has become the guarantor of it, it is not guaranteed on your behavior otherwise it will fail like the former. We have majored in preaching about behavior modification in our churches as if this testament was based on behavior, no, if it was, it will automatically fail. It's not about keeping rules and laws but the discovery of the finished work of Christ on the cross and enjoying the fruit of it.” (1)
Because Christ is our life we have been delivered from dualistic living. One with God we are one with others and the universe. We are in a position to celebrate diversity while working with Jesus to draw others into this life.
Jesus presented Himself as Life Itself. This is The Message. Jesus Christ is who God is, who you are and who life is to be lived in God.
‘Grace’ is not a means of dealing with the law.’ Grace is the new and living way of being one with God and the universe. Life in the Spirit has nothing to do with the law and everything to do with our being sons/daughters of God: Manifestations of the Trinity.
If you would seize the day, you must seize this life and agree that this life has seized you – that it is yours because God in Christ has given you life without limit.

(1) Odhiambo, Bonface. A book titled, "IN THE EYES OF GRACE": Unveiling Truth as God sees . Unknown. Kindle Edition.