Christ Your life


Just as the Son is the express image of the Father, so you are the express image of Jesus. This is who you are in spirit and in truth. In the spirit of sonship you get a state of being – not a state of doing. This state of being, of being one with God and yourself in the Spirit is Paul’s topic in Romans 8. Miss this and we miss our new testament inheritance. Worse still we miss ourselves.


The key spiritual gift from Father to you is you. This is the uniqueness of your sonship and the domain of authority that is yours. You are the fruit that is attached to His vine, the Vine that joins you to the Fatherhood of God.

In Christ you are alive to this sonship. It’s the fruit of the incarnation – the incarnation of the fullness of God manifesting in your uniqueness as a daughter and a son. This points us in the direction of ministering as who we are rather than ministering as who we are not. The ‘who of us’ linked with the spirit of sonship is our domain of authority.


It’s true that on occasion we can operate in gifts that are required at that moment in time. However when Jesus is telling Peter that the ‘gates of hell shall not prevail against them’ He is linking the rout of the power of the enemy and his works with being who one is in the Spirit – identity and authority.

Authority comes from who we are in Christ.

Keep in mind that Satan’s attacks are usually levelled against identity. The identity of Father was questioned and the identity of Adam and Eve as sons of God was obscured. Rooted in the Fatherhood of God so that we are flowing in the spirit of sonship we will be alive with spirit and life and produce fruit that is similarly alive with infinite and eternal life. But the ploy of the Enemy to sow confusion and stagnation. It is is to have people operating as who they are not with limited or no authority to advance the Kingdom in a meaningful way in the sphere in which they are labouring.


The presence of Christ in us is more than an ‘enablement.’ Ministry in the Spirit is a flow of spirit and life originating in the trinity – the life hub of the universe, flowing through Jesus and Holy Spirit and surfacing as you. As such you becoming a life-giver rather than a labourer. This is the difference between ‘workers’ and sons.

Mary and Martha were different people. Different in that Mary had better priorities at that moment in time, but different also in that Martha may have been more naturally a hostess. However this is not indicated by the text and may be just an assumption. It may be that Mary was an extremely able, artistic and practical hostess who knew that
establishing her being in Jesus would make her a more alive person who not only delivered ‘help’ but helped by embodying spirit and life.

While we may say that Martha wanted to make sandwiches that Jesus did not ask for, I believe Martha learned from the occasion and became a more informed and focussed Martha and more truly herself.