Christ Your life


Last night on the radio I listened to two well known atheists discussing God and religion. They were dismissive of both and confident in their knowledge of good and evil. Unfortunately some of their remarks illustrated the vanity of religion. Speaking from an attitude of so called enlightenment and scarcely disguised bigotry they dismissed God, upheld themselves and their rationalizations and blundered on in the beliefs and the way that is responsible for the creeping death of the planet and spreading social and economic chaos.

But not all of the slander against God and Christianity can be attributed to the foolishness of the human heart or the refusal to have this man Jesus Christ rule over us. Could it be that we as Believers have been more successful in living Christianity than living the gospel of the Kingdom. The former is religion. But the latter is Christ in us. This is the new and living way of God incarnated in His people.

If our Christianity is not Jesus it is not the Kingdom. If it is only culture, values and habits it is dead and not alive. If it is Jesus it is life to the full. If it is Jesus in us in the power that flows from the baptism of the Holy Spirit, it is not inert. It is not institutions perpetuated in the name of church planting. It is Christ alive and multiplied in His people on planet earth. There is a difference in the kind of gospel preached by people like Reinhardt Bonnke, Bill Johnson and the gospel of talk without power.

Christ in you is real, limitless life. This is the new and living way. It is new because it is not religion and rites. It is new because it is the resurrected Christ in you. It is new because old Adam and the engine of sin and death has been undone. It is new because Christ’s life is your life and His resurrection is your resurrection and the new creation alive in the world. If our Christianity is not Jesus it is nothing. Just a drag on human progress and an impediment to the advance of the Kingdom of heaven in the world. In Jesus is life and that life is the light of men and women.