Christ Your life


God is revealed in Jesus Christ. As I AM He is totally Himself, beholden to nothing other than Himself and the complete expression of Himself. God is never a clone of anything else or diminished by any externality or circumstance. He is totally Himself.

As Himself He is love. Also grace, excitement and adventure as well as the embodiment of any other excellent quality we want to name. In His person He is the order or logos in which the entire creation has its meaning and togetherness. Discard the illusions of the knowledge of good and evil.There is no law that is extrinsic to God or independent of Him. This is why Christ is both righteousness and life in Himself. It is why Jesus is the complete expression and portrayal of the nature of God. This is why Paul wrote, ‘Christ is all and in all’ and
’He is before all things, and in him all things hold together’ Col 1.17 NIV.
‘He existed before anything else, and he holds all creation together’ Col 1.17 NLT.

Because of the primacy of the personal, we were created in God and redeemed to live in God through Jesus Christ. In The Shack the author exposes a profound truth. ‘We were made to live in God.’ This is why in this fiction work He has Jesus say, ‘I’m not a Christian,’ an utterance that might offend the religious but bring profound relief to those who are willing to accept Him without additions as life to the full!

You have a life in Christ. But it’s not primarily about being a good person. It’s about being yourself. It’s about being, a son/daughter, a lesser I AM in our Father. It’s the ‘in God’ part that marinates us in sonship, life and righteousness.

Just as God is I AM so you are similar as a son/daughter of God. You are who you in Christ. In Him you gain your reason for being. In Him you are enlarged in the uniqueness that is you and in Him you become an apostolic minister to those who are part of your life. You also become aligned with the creation as you are one with the Creator.


Your life in Christ means you are who you are. I AM has brought you forth, redeemed you and become your life by His Spirit. Hidden in Christ you are never smothered. You are nurtured in the fellowship of God to grow into the fullness of who you are. Your identity comes from the fact that you and Father are one. This is the source of your life and mission. As an extension of God - as a son/daughter you are apostolic in the sense that Jesus is apostolic. You may or may not be an apostle. But all sons and daughters of God are apostolic representatives of our Father and His Son. This is why it is important to live in the fullness of our inheritance as daughters and sons rather than as religious figures or as some attempted expression of morality.

There are various disciplines and rites we may utilise to assist us in our life. The life is not in the disciplines, in the prayer or the Bible study. Spirit and life are in the Christ. When Jesus is Lord He will be Lord over these lesser things as will we. Subordinate to Christ and to ourselves they can gain the capacity to assist in the ministration of His life. Yet they are not His life. He is Himself. He is Spirit and truth and not dependent on any thing to mediate Himself. There is never any substitute for His person.

So it’s not about being good and avoiding evil. But in Christ we will do this without being preoccupied with jots and tittles. Our personhood is in the Father and the Son. We will never live from morality and ethics. Yet we will live whole and holy lives because that is what sons and daughters do. They are holy as I AM is holy. Partly because He is in us and with us and partly because we have the freedom to be ourselves and to grow into our better selves as a result of His Spirit and grace.

Avoid living the knowledge of good and evil with with Jesus’ help. We are here to live His life because He is our life.

We live from Jesus and our Father in the anointing of Holy Spirit. The trinity is ultra-personal and communal. Thus we are nurtured in our unique identity while according others the freedom to be themselves. We multiply freedom because we are in grace and we have the Spirit of Community in us and flowing through us.

‘Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom’ 2 Cor 3.17 NIV.