Christ Your life


We can be one with the spirit and life of the universe or we can live in separation, even as Believers. As the Word became flesh, so the Living Word can become you - when you live in the gospel of inclusion and repent of the gospel of separation. We are talking here again of the new covenant; of our life with Jesus as our life. We are taking the reality of our union with God. The reality that is Christ.

‘On that day you will realise that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. This is the inheritance of every Believer and a must have acquisition for those called to teach the word.

It's not too hard to rustle up a Bible Study or some kind of talk to fill a gap. Or even a theme to occupy a conference. Bible studies and conference themes are life giving when they are the expression of our Father through ourselves as daughters or as a son. I mean, if we are alive in union with God and not made impotent by a gospel of separation. If we are in union with God in spirit and in truth rather than notionally, we can expect to be a river of spirit and life. We are the expression of the Living Word and not the dead letter.

‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6.63 NIV. The flesh is who we are in Adam and the old covenant. The Spirit is who we are in Christ and the Spirit of Sonship. One is the product of separation, the other the result of union in spirit and in truth.

I write these posts not from abstractions but from my immersion in Christian communities in which some live in the Spirit and others live in the old covenant. Nothing that is merely information is ever life-giving even if theologically correct. But we would be under the illusion
that it is if we have been raised in a law-culture. Here you would have been taught that you read the Bible then put what you read into practice. But you cannot because this is not the new and living way even if you were taught that it is. His Way is the Living Word, His person manifest as you.

Rooted in the law we are one with the law, we have a false husband, a counterfeit father and remain joined to the knowledge of good and evil. Not surprisingly we speak the letter that kills. Not that we would be aware of it.

For Jesus, His union with Father was everything. As a result He spoke words of spirit and life. Were they informative? Yes. But because every word spoken was filled with the Spirit-life of Father that arose from their union.

We are all notionally sons of God. Sons in actuality when we and Father are one because we live in the same union with God that was everything to Jesus and His Father. This is not something to be achieved. It is ours since the cross and pentecost.

We can live a segmented and compartmentalised life where the bits are more than the sum of the parts. This is the life of the Believer absorbed in the law and the knowledge of good and evil. Then again we can live a holistically, unified life when we are not in the letter but in the Spirit of Sonship. We are whole in a person. Fragmented and spare when confined to knowledge.

It is possible to theorise about life and spirit without being in this spirit of sonship, as it is with any topic. But we do not impart it. When our gospel is not Jesus and Him as our life and our union with God, all we have is ourselves and our instinctive ideas of separation. We tell people to ‘keep close to Jesus’ and we preach this as life. But it is religion.

When our life is about sin management, goodness acquisition and truth as an abstraction because we are an old covenant Christian, we can teach on the Spirit of Sonship but we cannot live it. No matter how much we love Jesus we are separated from God. We are one with a body of death and a cardboard fixture rather than spirit and life. We are unable to impart spirit and life because we are not alive - not exactly dead in the water but dead in the letter. We must be rooted not in the law but in a person to impart the life of the three personed God.

With an old covenant mindset we live in separation from God even though we are actually one with God by His doing. We have been robbed and held hostage by the Father of Lies. We are existing in a lie rather than living in our inheritance of union with God in a life. We don’t have to engage in mechanically religious acts or even praise and worship to be in and with God. But we do need to be in Christ and have taken Him on as our life. ‘Christ our life’ is code for the vicarious ministry of Jesus. Here is a summary of what this means.

1 It is His believing, His doing, His Faith that is ours.
He has taken the place of all others not only to die for them but to live for them.
2 Jesus is our human response to God. In Christ the things of humanity are brought to God.
3 This is the faith of Christ Himself that is my faith.
4 We need this because of our inadequacy in knowing God and responding to Him.
5 To say ‘Jesus Christ Lives’ is to abandon all other support including our faith and religion. Christ takes on the whole of our life so that we mat take on the whole of His life.
6 That Jesus really took our place in the in knowing, worshipping and believing of God..or bearing testimony.. is something that many Christians find hard to accept…They want to preserve an element of independence for themselves.
7 Now we have not only God with us but we with God, us included in the Holy Family and they in us.