Christ Your life


Our call in this age is not to be doing. We are called to being – to be daughters and sons with authority and not as the religious.

If as Christians our focus is sin management our mode will be religion. If we are living from law, we will express this in our lives as religion and belief system. But we will not have life to the full. If our life is Jesus we will flourish as a person who is a son in spirit and in truth. In our being, in our manner and persona we are the effect of that which is our life. This is the beauty of the new covenant incarnation of God in us. Christ in you equals glory, meaning the shining of your spirit and the well-being of your soul.

I read a post by a prophetic person and a seer this morning. She did not jump through religious hoops. But she had learned much from life. She had been a pastor with her husband. She just wanted companionship with God. Jesus said, ‘Eternal life - which is to experience Him in the present - is to know God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent. This is fellowship on a daily basis.

God is known through Jesus Christ because He is God. God is three which means that the Spirit bears witness to this knowing, revealing Father and Son. But also surrounding us with His presence and actually dwelling in our being. Jesus said that to believe in Him was to have the holy family take up residence in us. He is never far away.

If eternal life is to know Jesus; if the infinite life expressed in the being of God is to be ours, it is important that we have the real Christ and not a religious construct, a theologically defined lesser christ or a christ who is subservient to religion and the law. Jesus warned against false Christ’s because they are subtle. They are the seeds of deception sown into common belief by lying spirits.

Jesus lived from His Father and from no externality. Jesus Christ is the fullness of God and fully God. He is the personal expression of all that is alive and alight with life. All things find their purpose in Him and are subordinate to Him. Christ is all and in all because He is God personally and cosmically. You can know this Jesus and live with Him every day. Jesus is our relationship with God.

We do not have to jump through religious hoops to know Jesus and enjoy His presence in and with us. But He does have to be our life. There are Believers who live their life with Jesus as an adjunct to theirs. They have their daily routine and preoccupations. Jesus is an addition to these. He is believed in and honoured. But compartmentalized and not ‘their life’ in a genuine sense. He is a bit of their life reserved mainly for religious places and times.

In this new covenant age, we have the bounty of spirit and truth. Jesus is a spirit. He is personally the truth of God and to have Him is to have all of God, accurately and without distortion. We are worshipers in spirit and in truth firstly by believing in Him and secondly by agreeing that He is our life and living out of Him. This is not a compartmentalized life. It is us living, moving and having our being in and from His person. It is not to be striven for since it is a fact. Our part is to agree with this. Rest in it and be branches and fruit of His vine.

Jesus is the expression of the Father and you are the expression of Jesus. Just as Jesus was the fullness of His Father, today you are the fullness of God.

Christians can live a compartmentalized life having bits for themselves and bits for God. God is not a tenth, a seventh or a bodily piece of our life as in the old testament. The bits and pieces of the knowledge of good and evil are done and gone. Today we are in God and He in us. When we immunize ourselves to limitless truth because of a perspective we wish to maintain or an identity that we think is ours, we ally ourselves with the Enemy and the spirit of death. A Jesus life is a commitment and the realization of life to the full.

‘The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ John 10.10

The command of our Father is to believe His Son. The testimony of Jesus is that He is our life. Christ really is our life and not the means to live the items of a religious life. We and Father are one. Persons whose life is Christ are vastly different to those whose life is their life plus Jesus. The former are spirit and truth. They see with the penetrating vision of the Spirit. Are never encumbered by religion and as the manifestation of our Father they are agents of the new creation. They are alive with spirit and life!

‘Whoever has the Son has life; whoever does not have the Son of God does not have life’ 1 John 5.12 NIV.