Christ Your life


This post is not meant to be unkind. It is simply to state that there is a new and living way that is Jesus Himself, Jesus with and in us by His Spirit and Jesus multiplied in all of us. Jesus did not militate against sin. He presented Himself as the Solution to all forms of un-life. The sin He warned people about was consistent with this. It was the sin of rejecting, sidelining and ignoring Him as life and righteousness itself. Abortion is a great evil. Marriage equality is perverse and an abuse of children while heartlessness towards refugees is un-Christian, unhuman and wicked. Climate-change denial is stupid, devious and grossly self serving. But the gospel of the Kingdom is not a rant against these. This gospel is that life has come to the world in Jesus Christ.

There are many evils in Egypt and Babylon but the solution will never be found in Babylon or the flesh. Evil cannot be dispelled by the knowledge of good and evil. A striking illustration of this is seen in Rick Joyner’s vision where the cutting off of one tree of the knowledge of good and evil results in the growth of five more. The point of this epic vision illustrates that it is the presence of Christ that brings life and light. The knowledge of good and evil whether by Christians or others brings darkness, confusion and paralysis.

‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6.63 NIV.

There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus because condemnation changes nothing. But God is love and there is transformation in His Son. The power of the resurrection is the transformative power of Jesus. In overcoming death Jesus annulled iniquity and the matrix of death in the world. Any separation from Him is a deathly hallows. Union with Him is life. Christian agitation and political action is a poor substitute for a church that is the manifestation of Jesus. Righteousness and life come from the multiplication of spirit and life that is Christ in us. Christ is either our life or we are not alive no matter how much we agitate and lobby.

If our life as individuals and the church is not Christ expressed and manifest then the bad guys have already won.

The gospel of the Kingdom is not morality. It is life. If there is a cage in which Believers dwell it is the prison of the knowledge of good and evil. Christianity is seen as ‘being good.’ By definition this means ‘not being bad.’ Some Christians, particularly those whose life is formed by institutionalism have quite an elaborate system of do’s and don’ts. It’s their form of law. What law? The law that Jesus replaced with Himself and the law that negates Christ if we live from morality, ethics and Christian philosophy.

‘If righteousness could be gained through the law, Christ died for nothing!" Gal 2.21 NIV.

If we are living from the Mosaic law or Christian law, or the Baptist Lore or some fundamentalist grid or from the more subtle miasma of religion, we are living from a version of the powerlessness that Jesus liberated us from. We are settling for something that has been demonstrated does not work and involved in actions rudimentary and mechanical. But we are not robots. We are embodied life-giving spirits who are the sons of our Father and the brothers and sisters of Christ. He came at Pentecost so that He could multiply Himself in us.

Our God is fundamentally a person as is seen by His appellation “I AM.” He is always Himself and the fundamental expression of being and life. Yet God is three and is community itself. It is this ‘threedom’ that is His love in Himself and the expression of love outwards to the the universe.

God’s righteousness is a function of His life and completeness, which is to say it is who He is. No abstractions here. Completely whole and holistic, his righteousness and love are the expression of His person. Jesus is the exact expression of Father’s being. The new creation will be the expression of Jesus’ being in His people.

Righteousness came among us as a person and as a life. This is why to live the life of God we need to receive it as it is: Jesus. The new and living way. New as in different to the knowledge of good and evil and alive since it is Christ in you and not laws on stone.

If Christ is not our life what we have to give to the world is not alive. If we are a church with a political agenda we have got it wrong and need to repent. Could it be that we need to concentrate on being the manifestation of Christ rather than adding Him as a footnote to our agenda.

A Christianised version of the knowledge of good and evil is not the Kingdom of our Lord. Why? Because Christ is life Himself. If we live from law we will see God as judge and the chief law-monger of the universe. But the fact is, His real essence is life and love without limit and with it the passion to draw human beings into Himself; into the joy of fellowship and pleasure that is our inheritance in heaven.

God will create a heaven on earth by manifesting Himself in His people. Jesus is life because God is the fullness of life. There is nothing negative in Him. The new creation – all that is life in fullness and joy – flows from His being into us. He is not far away. He has made you one with Him. He lives in you!

The gospel of the Kingdom is not a political agenda. It is Christ the life-giving Spirit come in the flesh of humanity.

Francois Du Toit writes, ‘The revelation of the reconciliation that God worked in Christ will flood the earth like a tsunami wave! Not through some future revival from above, but from the innermost being of ordinary people discovering Christ not hiding in some vague historic reference, but risen in us! Christ in us the hope of glory. He is the desire of the nations.’