Christ Your life


There is no other God except the God revealed to us in Jesus Christ. There is no other way to be saved other than through Jesus and no other way to be alive and human other than through the life of Jesus in us. He is the new and living way.

Yet people can respond to Jesus even if they do not know exactly who He is. He is here by His Spirit and speaks to all through the Holy Spirit – to the rebel who is intent on his own old and dead way and to the good living person who seeks to the good and cherishes the good even though he or she does not know who The Good is. Some have not known Him personally while alive in the body may recognise Him with delight in paradise.

Certainly Jesus aims to draw all into Himself because in doing this He draws them into His Father and into who they as son and daughters really are. Spirit and truth join us to God, embrace us in His fellowship and fill us with His grace and life. Truth and liberty are not separated from God. He is both and by living in Him we are able to advance into the fulfilment of who we are. The new and living way is Christ in you.

If Jesus lived to reveal our Father it is certain that we should live to reveal Jesus accurately and fully – for in seeing Jesus we see the Father and in knowing our Father we realise our true identity as sons. This does not mean a regime of works. It means agreeing that Jesus is our life and inviting His living to be our living in the everyday adventure of our journey.

To reveal Jesus in order to reveal our Father, Jesus must be our life. Why? Because that’s us living as sons. The creation came into being through Jesus. It is sustained by Him. All that exists is for Him and His purposes. To think of Jesus as obsessed with sin, as a fixer of sin and obsessed with morality – the law - depicts a Jesus and a God who very much smaller than He is. To think of law as the main issue is make Jesus an addendum to the greater obsession of the law, which predisposes us to judgment, self righteousness, criticism and a system of belief rather then the infinite and holistic reality of Jesus as the portrayal of our Father. It is nonsense to talk of a holistic life if living from the law.

But Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the scriptures testify that Jesus is life and is observed, known and understood to be synonymous with life itself!

In Trinitarian Conversations we find,

“Any theology of God has to be founded, centered, directed, disciplined, and oriented to the only place where there is this self-revelation of God in Jesus Christ. We can't go looking around Christ or to other sources as a norm and a status for that. God is who he is, in himself and towards us, who he is in Jesus Christ. Any knowledge of God and any faith in God has to be controlled, ordered, arranged and filled out in terms of Jesus
Christ - as he is, God with us. What I find in my own life and in other theologies, it's much more difficult to stay centered on that center, as we're somehow tempted to develop knowledge of God on other foundations, with other sources, and they end up
competing with what we find out about God in Jesus Christ.”

This is why we need to live in the Christ of God and not in the Christ of our personal or denominational projections or even in ‘another gospel.’

The new and living way is alive and infinite because He is not tied to the fall. It is tied to the resurrection. He is the Resurrection and the creator of life in perpetuity. Jesus and our Father cannot be understood properly with a knowledge of good and evil lens which is what we are doing when we situate ourselves in the law. But we see who Father is when we see Jesus through His own lens – the lens that by seeing Jesus you see God, you see life and you know existence for what it is – a life in the fullness of and fellowship of God.