Christ Your life


Recently in India the Lord accompanied our ministry with signs in the form of healing. The deaf came to hear and the blind to see. I spoke on the importance of the incarnation - that it meant that Christ had come to live in us and more - that Father, Son and Holy Spirit now live in us. As a result we and our Father are one as it was in Jesus and we are here to multiply what Jesus began. We wanted the people to be assured that they each had the capacity to perform Jesus’ works of power; to release signs so that people would know that God is real, because they had seen things happen that could only occur if there is a God who ‘does God things.’

The world needs this kind of demonstration, particularly in the West where humanism is all the go. Here there are competing ideologies, competing world views. The average humanist regards Christianity as just one ideology among many. We of course see it as the Way and the Truth - because it is. Yet our certainty cannot become the certainty and faith of another by argumentation or by preaching. Objective evidence in the form of signs and wonders is required. Even then there are those who refuse to believe. But signs and wonders will touch a receptive heart.

Yet as exciting as these are and as clear a demonstration of God’s love that they might be, these signs are the means and not the end. The main purpose of the incarnation is not ‘signs.’ The purpose is union with God and as a result transformation - the expression of the Son of Man in His people and the transformation of pedestrian lives into the sons and daughters of God.

Jesus was what He was because He was His Father’s Son. Not because He had an anointing. His living in the Spirit was the result of His union with His Father. This is why talk of the Spirit and being ‘Spirit-filled’ offers little if we have not embraced the new covenant and are separated from God by a shell of law and a miasma of religion. Separated in this way we are not able to live in the Spirit of Sonship. Life in the Spirit, the life of the sons of God is the effect of union with God. It is the fruit of His life in our flesh. This is a function of ‘we and our Father are one.’ The genius of Christ come in our flesh is that our uniqueness is ignited. In I AM we are who we are. We fill that opportunity in the new creation in the only way it can be filled - when we ourselves are a living way that is always fresh and new in Jesus.