Christ Your life


The fact is everyone belongs. We were created by God to enjoy what the trinity enjoyed - fellowship and the adventure of creation. So we began with belonging. Satan created a fissure between Father and ourselves. Suggesting that Father was hiding something; that He was unreliable and preventing us being who we could become by a certain under-handedness. We bought the lie that we would do better as independents. And so separation was born and our distrust of Father grew into a phobia and a culture of alienation and distrust – often solidified in religion. We bought the lie that we do not belong.

But we do.

‘Not belonging’ is the foundation of old covenant religion, try-harder gospels and the supposition embedded in much religion; that we must do something to bridge the gap between ourselves and Father. The truth is that today – you and Father are one – if you believe. Jesus Christ has made this so. Today it is the basic fact of existence. We are one with God in fact. Unfortunately we can be separated from God in the fictitious beliefs of our mindsets that arise from poor teaching, false doctrine and ‘other gospels.’ We are one in spirit and truth when we have the mind of Christ; when we believe and live in the position in which Christ has placed us: In fellowship with Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit.

Father’s command is to believe His Son. Jesus’ testimony is I AM YOUR LIFE.

Jesus told the woman at the well that we are true worshipers – not when we worship at a certain place or at a certain time - but when we worship in spirit and in truth. We are spirit and truth as sons and daughters when we trust Jesus as our life. To trust in Jesus, to regard Him as our life; to find ourselves in Jesus – is to undo what Adam did – separate us from God. Jesus joined us to God. What God has put together
let no one separate.

We are the sons of God. Refusing to see ourselves as such is not humility. It’s unbelief.

In the parable of the talents Jesus gave out funds for people to invest. This gold represents our new covenant inheritance – the real gospel of the Kingdom. Some received and invested with good results. One – the Unbelieving Believer - ignored the gift on the grounds that it seemed too good to be true. Which is to say that he thought that the Master could not be trusted to minister life in the Spirit. So the potential investor ignored the funds and took to relying on His own resources – the law and the flesh come in the flesh. He had acceded once again to Satan’s original deception. Demons chuckled. “It works every time with some of them,” they snorted.

William Paul Young of
The Shack, writes, “The Gospel is a declaration of something totally finished apart from our agreement or vote. Inside that declaration is an ongoing and relentless invitation to deepening relationship but any lack of belief or participation on our part has no power to negate the accomplished truth of that declaration.” So why not step into the truth and get with the strength?
There’s a treasure in the field. The field is your heart. All you need to do is to say, ‘Yes.’ You have made me belong and I say, “I do.”