Christ Your life


Christ is your life in every way. The new and living way is Christ multiplied through you, through the church and in a new society called the Kingdom of God. This is the new creation that advances on Babylon, Egypt and the kingdoms of this world. Violence is not part of our repertoire. Our weapons are not carnal. But they are powerful for demolishing strongholds. Father is nothing like the God of Islam or the god of the fundamentalist or the adherent of the right. Jesus was never received by the establishment. Neither is He today - except when a false christ is manufactured in its own image. Beware false christs and monitor yourself. Discernment, wisdom and revelation is found when Christ is our life - not when Christianity, carnality or a sense of entitlement is what we live by.

I copied this entry from Facebook the other day. It is the key to Christ’s victory through His church. But church not defined as an institution. This is the church Jesus builds from self-multiplication - the multiplication of Himself, His love, life and authority through His disciples, by the Spirit of Sonship.

The Body of Christ is Christ expressed as His people. This is Christ our life writ personal and communal.
Christ come in the flesh is Jesus multiplied in the diversity of all who believe and live in Him. This is the quote.

“With a nod to CS Lewis, watching from the great cloud of witnesses, "God in a box, or book, will never be a match to God in a body," Wm Paul Young.

God in a body is the manifest presence of Christ as you. Just as the fullness of the God-head bodily dwelt in the Son of Man, so the fullness of Jesus and the God-head dwells in you and the church. This is who we are to live from. It is the position from which we are to live, move and have our being.

To manifest Christ; to be Jesus multiplied, is not an occurrence that happens as a result of self-discipline, will power or prayer and Bible study. It is more subtle and more powerful than that. It is the relentless fellowship of Christ’s grace that depends not on your performance, how you are doing or your resolutions, but on Father’s determination to have you as His son/daughter and friend. If there is work for you to do it is to embrace this and rest in it. Your life and witness is the result of Christ in you, Christ come in our flesh. This is one aspect of Christ our life. The other element is that you are free to be yourself despite your lack. Because it’s not your performance that counts. It is His.

We participate in the Lord’s Table in celebration and affirmation of Christ come in our flesh. As the bread and wine become our being so Jesus, when eaten by our heart, becomes incarnated in our person. Those who eat Jesus will live because of Him. Those who live because of Jesus will ignite others with His life. You will change. You will be transformed. But you are received because of your rate of change of the degree of your victory. You are received because you are already His and He has made it so.

The Facebook quote speaks to the issue of consumer Christians - people who consume religion produced by others or who become dependent on secondhand spirituality even though they have personal access to union with God. A union that is already theirs. Today we have the same access to our Father that Jesus had. We have a Jesus who is as close to us as Jesus was to John or Luke. This has been accomplished in the world and made real in the Spirit. As a result, each of us are here to multiply what Jesus began and demonstrate who Jesus is today - in our person.

The religious mind-set manufactures patterns, programs, structure and expectations. Over time it confuses the box religion has made with God Himself. Entangled in this fog the religious man or women cannot tell the difference between form and substance and will often fight stubbornly against the simplicity of the new covenant life because she thinks she is fighting for God.

But God is Spirit, always alive. Not only larger than any contrived box, but more dynamic, mysterious and real. God came to us as a man. Today He comes in you and you become the manifest presence of Christ. This more important that the gifts of the Spirit because it is the womb of God’s expression of Himself in you.

God is in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. The new covenant is Christ in you. "God in a box, or book, will never be a match to God in a body,"

Even in the old testament God declared that He does not live in buildings made with hands. David enjoyed His company in the wild. Jesus was always out and about displaying the reality of His Kingdom. Today God is not restricted to the box of a church, to the words of a visionary teacher or the pages of an apostolically authored book. God is in you. He has come in your flesh and awaits an opportunity to manifest in any place of hopelessness and despair. He shines best in places of great darkness. The new creation advances as we live in His resurrection; as we apply His resurrection to the people and situations about us. Christ in you is the reality of the hoped for glory. This is the new and living way: Christ in you. You in Christ. All Believers together in God. This way the un-believing, society, people groups and the physical world are drawn together in Christ. This is the new and living way.