Christ Your life


Lauren Daigle is a young Christian artist who has made a splash in recent weeks with the widely celebrated release of her most recent album (debuting at the top of the charts) and becoming a crossover sensation as she sings and performs on Christian and mainstream platforms alike, influencing both Christians and non-Christians with her Christian-based songs… Daigle has come under fire in recent weeks for her appearance on The Ellen Show (Ellen Degeneres being an open homosexual) and most recently an interview with celebrity journalist Domenick Nati where she refused to declare whether or not homosexuality was a sin.”

Josh Daffern in a piece in
Patheos, likens Daigle’s deflection of the ‘ruling in or out’ obsession of a journalist and the religionists by observing that her attitude was more like that of Jesus in the skirting of questions that were peripheral to the main issue. Jesus did the same with the ‘woman taken in adultery’. The issue here was not her sin. The issue was that we are all sinners and Jesus is the solution to the separation from His life that that multiplies sin.


Jesus’ mission and ours should be to
present Jesus as life, as the living way by whom all of us become alive, whole and one with God and ourselves.

Daffern writes, [Jesus] “
Refused to give them the answer they wanted. I believe in the same way, Daigle’s non-answer on the hot button issue of homosexuality is her attempt to soar above the maelstrom of this hot button issue and continue to have a platform to spread the hope of Jesus to a much larger audience, including those in the homosexual community.”

Josh is right. He is on the straight and narrow track and the new and living way. The Christian Industry would have it that it’s all about morality. Not so. If this were so the law would still be in place and we would all be captives in Adam and the fall. Jesus was about our RECEIVING HIM AS OUR LIFE. In any case how is homosexuality more grievous than capitalism or Trumpism? Whose perverse morality was it that helped foist Trump on America and the Free World. This would have to be the greatest Christian scandal of our time.

The message is Christ our life: Christ for you. Christ in you the hope of glory.

If we belong to those who have been led to believe that God is obsessed with sin and sinning, we are wide of the mark. God is obsessed with loving you and all humanity. Sin obsession may be what we know as Christianity. But it’s not the Kingdom. CHRIST IS US, which means we need to be Jesus to others. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Just grace, truth and infinite life.