Christ Your life


Hidden in Christ you have a life that is totally you. The Kingdom of God
advances not when we are clones of others or figures of religion but when we are
who we are because Christ is our life.

We are living in a time of increasing challenge. For Christians it is obvious that we need more than church, church-routine and Christianity. We need the spirit-life of God. We need the gospel of the Kingdom rather than just any gospel of talk, songs and religiosity.

Praise and worship is a life. It is not an industry or a segment in the melee we call church. The kingdom of God is not a routine. It is the healing power and resurrection of Jesus writ large in His people.

We, and the world need more than religion to survive. We need what Paul called
Christ our life. If we would disconnect masses of searching people from a severe god and a violent prophet and annul the spirit of the warmonger, we need to do more than church. We must multiply what Jesus began.

Jesus demonstrated authority, infinitely greater than the marketers of religion.

There is a green tree that is the cross of Christ. There is a Kingdom of God that has a King, a new creation that has the resurrected Jesus and infinite life as its dynamic. There is a human being who is God. Jesus Christ is the human face of God.

There is hope for the world. When you see Jesus you see yourself and re-born humanity

Jesus Christ is the light of the world, its' meaning and purpose. Human beings have a Father who loves them and regards them with delight.

We have a Brother who is God. He shares the throne of the universe with our Father.

We are not orphans. We have the Holt Spirit by whom Jesus and our Father are with us and in us. We are never alone. The source of our being and our home is as close as our heart.

The Head of our race is in heaven. His Spirit is in us on earth. We need to live from where we are and be who we are. There is a way. This Way is a person - the new and living way who is Christ our life.